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Ali Brown is an emerging contemporary mixed media artist who is focused on documenting the present and reflecting on her past. She is currently located in Mississauga, Ontario and pursuing a BFA (Drawing and Painting) at OCAD University. Brown has recently graduated Humber College's Visual and Digital Arts program.


Her work has been selected for feature in Humber Galleries “​Campus As A Canvas​" and "Reactivation" projects. She has recently, virtually, exhibited in Humber's Graduate Exhibition show "Current", as well as In Situ Multi Arts Festival: The Lost Museum. 

Following her BFA, Brown hopes to follow pathways to become an arts educator.



My work is centred on themes of my personal struggle with mental illness, memories (or lack thereof) and relationships (good and bad). I explore how these experiences connect and have shaped me. I use my art practice as a way of personal healing, to document the present, reflecting on the past, and to encourage the healing powers of art in others.


In my practice, I work intuitively as I am processing my emotions and memories. Other times, I bring elements of documentation from my past in hopes of healing. I begin my process by brainstorming words and phrases that connect to my experiences. I then decide on the proper visuals and materials to move forward with the artwork.


Working primarily in mixed media allows me to interpret my thoughts and emotions through appropriate materiality. I have recently started therapy and doing so has brought up unpleasant memories but also, bright hope looking forward. This turning point has contributed to my current series of work which focuses on collaboration with my memories and personal archives.

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